About Us (DRAFT)

The National Association of Podcasters (NAOP) represents but professional and hobbyist in podcasters, bloggers, and vloggers. As a trade association for podcasters and vloggers and bloggers, NAOP provides to our members with advocacy, education, meetups, and conventions. We encourage epic content and technology innovation by tying podcasting, vlogging, blogging, and web development together.

NAOP relies on the grassroots strength of our podcasters, vloggers, and bloggers to influence our elected representatives. Recognizing the importance of educating local and national governing bodies on how legislation and regulations affect our medium, we will debate and create positions on key issues dealing with freedom of speech, the internet, and net neutrality. Education
NAOB offers a variety of programs and training to help podcasters, vloggers, and bloggers in their hobbies and business. Innovation
Advances in technology are giving podcasters, vloggers and bloggers opportunities to find better, more innovative ways to deliver the high-quality content and services from local communities to word wide audiences. Awards
Members will have the opportunity compete and podcasting awards of all types.


For more information contact Bill Conrad

Cell 775-527-4276